Rethinking UI


Thinking about switching to Qt, unsure how to deal with plugins. Please comment on it here

Long version

Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture when implementing something. Does...

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This wee.. err.. months in ProDBG!

I have seriously been really bad at updating this place but I really hope to improve on going forward. So what has happed since last time? A lot in fact.

The is the status of today....

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Time > Money

Last week I announced on Twitter that I will be taking Fridays off to work on my hobby projects. I would like to alloborate a bit more on this.

Reasoning is simple. I truly enjoy the stuff I do...

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ProDBG switches to Rust

As some of you know that follows me on twitter I don’t like C++ all that much. It has it’s usually issues with having header files, crappy templates and the list goes on. The problem is what alternatives are there?...

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First post

Currently not that much going on here. I indent to update with some more info and posts and developments of ProDBG as I go along.

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